Month: November 2020

Trap Instrumentals

BeatzByNC – HYPE TAPE VOL. 2 (Instrumental Mixtape)

Tracklist: Welcome To The Paradise Raincheck Glass Trap Aye Aye Aye All Rae Double Trouble Nine Yards Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Crzy Eyes 21 808 Wave The Storm The Wave Vol. 2 Midnight Drip DOWNLOAD LINK DCMSound And BeatzByNC Also JazNatorProduction Presents HYPE TAPE VOL 2 By BEATZBYNC An HIPHOPTRAP/Instrumental ©2020/DCMSound/BeatzByNC/JazNatorProduction MIXED PRODUCED AND MASTERED […]Read More

Lo-Fi Instrumentals

Aviino – Hologramophone (Instrumental Mixtape)

Tracklist: Slim Bobby Creswick Deeper Not A Cloud In Sight Bluetooth Ringtone Interlude Hotel Lobby Birthday Party Magenta Forever Still Life Dreamtime DOWNLOAD LINK Hologramophone • A record player that projects a hologram. The past meshed with the possibilities of the future. Last November, Aviino released the seven song project Plush. Now, one year later, […]Read More