Wrex Mason – AQUARIUS SUN (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. 1st House
  2. Under Saturn
  3. Aquarius Sun
  4. Foliage
  5. Water Bearer
  6. Farmington River
  7. Stratosphere
  8. 12th House


AQUARIUS SUN is the 1st instrumental EP in an astrology-inspired trio of EPs by Wrex Mason, producer out of Hartford, CT. Originally released in 2018, Wrex Mason took it upon himself to remaster his EP, not only to make AQUARIUS SUN sound more cohesive with the music projects he has planned for the rest of 2020, but to also bring it to a much bigger audience. On this tape, you will hear futuristic chords, hard-hitting drums and growling basslines, all encompassed into smooth grooves that have high replay value.