The Dramatikz – Dramatik Empire: Beat Tape Vol. 1 (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. The Intro (Prod. By Infamous Melz)
  2. Lite Work (Prod. By Max Dollas)
  3. Looking Off (Prod. By Seen Da Dream)
  4. Pop Off (Prod. By Harlem Broadway)
  5. New Crack City (Prod. By Max Dollas)
  6. Midnight (Prod. By Seen Da Dream)
  7. Esther (Prod. By Max Dollas & Nano)
  8. Ground Zero (Prod. By Harlem Broadway)
  9. Old Curtis (Prod. By Max Dollas)
  10. Never Try Us (Prod. By Max Dollas & Infamous Melz)
  11. Headed Out West (Prod. By Nano)
  12. Cold Summer (Prod. By Max Dollas)
  13. The Creep (Prod. By The Harlem Broadway)
  14. Without Saying Goodbye (Prod. By Seen Da Dream)
  15. Nice Guy (Prod. By Nano)
  16. Almost Time (Prod. By Seen Da Dream & Max Dollas)
  17. Until The Death (Prod. By Max Dollas)
  18. Hunter (Prod. By Seen Da Dream)
  19. The Dramatik Empire (Prod. By The Dramatikz)
  20. Catch My Girl (Prod. By Max Dollas & Nano)
  21. Dat Bitch Burnin (Prod. By Seen Da Dream)
  22. Welcome To The Empire (Prod. By Max Dollas)
  23. Cove (Prod. By Nano)
  24. Circus (Prod. By Nano)
  25. Sample Meaner (Prod. By Seen Da Dream)


The Dramatikz team up with to bring you the “Dramtaik Empire: Beat Tape Vol. 1”.

This tape consists of 25 instrumentals produced by Max Dollas, Nano, Seen Da Dream, Infamous Melz & The Harlem Broadway. Please listen & share. And follow @theDRAMATIKz.