REV – sp.ringtones (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Hanover
  2. Dada
  3. Spells
  4. Carpatiblues
  5. Coniferae
  6. Rabdarea Percarului
  7. Cornflakes
  8. Sealife Centre
  9. Madeira Dr.
  10. Berries and Berries
  11. Nova Lake


Resulting from a contemporary and homemade approach to making music, “sp. ringtones” displays 11 playful compositions which blur the line between simplified jazz and classic hip-hop. With little effort to formulate the ambience in which they were created, they maintain a luminous, seaside-like quality, specific to the city of Brighton.

A short explorative trip in songwriting, the presented tracks are in fact exercises and excerpts of practice routines put in a new frame and functionality. Growing up with a great amount of music in which samplers became instruments, beatmakers are begining to see instruments becoming samplers. Hence the music is loop oriented instead of focusing on the technical viruosity of the past. Carefree melodies of bite-sized jazz resemble the youthful spirit of playing around the ringtone composer on old Nokia phones, defining the foundation of expressing the ego through tones and sounds.