NxxxxxS – Elevated Highway (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Early In The Morning
  2. Weather
  3. Late Night Creepin
  4. Elevated Highway Interlude
  5. Vaporlove
  6. King Me Ft. Dsavagebeats
  7. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow


Elevated Highway is the first release off Dusty Records in its sophomore year. The album Elvated Highway, was put into motion last year after we first discovered the French producer NxxxxxS though his various self released beat tapes. Developing the album, NxxxxxS was highly influenced by Dj Smokey, Vaporwave and 90’s Memphis rap. All these elements came together through his unique styling to create an entirely new “Dusty” sound. Elevated Highway features 7 original tracks including one track featuring Dsavagebeats of TeamSesh.

Elevated Highway will also serve as the first of our series of cassette releases slated for 2014. Highlighting our slight change in sound and direction, we feel that the Elevated Highway EP will help perpetuate the future of our label and the nuance of our sound.

Look for more collaborations between NxxxxxS and Dusty Records in the near future and remember to check out the Limited Edition Cassette on our Bandcamp.