Nicholas Cheung – I AM (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Saturday
  2. I AM
  3. Glorious & Free
  4. Mandarin
  5. Wood Grain
  6. Lucille


Nicholas Cheung:

“I made beats since 2008 but struggled to find a sound or direction cuz I was constantly finding out about new styles. I also couldn’t get my bests to sound them the way I wanted. In 2008 discovered Nujabes, fell in love with that style of hip hop and in 2010 discovered a strong community on YouTube/Facebook/Bandcamp revolving around the music of Nujabes and similar artists (bob42jh, etc). Started making beats that sounded Joe Hisaishi/Nujabes inspired at that time, even played piano covers and uploaded them online. I started collaborating with artists producers that made that type of sound like Avens, Marcus D, Substantial, Othello, Nak, Sam Ock, etc. Started gaining following in East and West cuz of the hip hop renditions of that sound. Made Dat Jazz in 2012 and it was the first song that I felt 100% good about. Made my entire EP based off that sound, but also incorporated the early 2010s trap style drums and 808s and mixed it with melodic jazzy/Asian-ish music. Was very proud of that EP at the time because not too many people in my immediate communities in HK and Vancouver were on this type of music yet, and nobody from HK was featured on cult classic records (pretty much the first notable “Lofi” “Chillhop” channel/label)”