MAYAEWK – The Village (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. rain
  2. girl
  3. sun
  4. home
  5. ball
  6. storm
  7. wow
  8. boy



Born in France in the late 80’s, French / Japanese artist Mayaewk (Laurent Maya Garcia) began his journey into music at the young age of 10 years old, when he started learning the guitar and was introduced to a 4 track cassette recorder. Fast forward to 2001 when the artist picked up his first sampler (Yamaha A 3000) and dived head first into the world of music production, experimenting with a variety of genres from hip hop to shoegaze.

In 2017 the alias Mayaewk was created and quickly began making music within the lofi hip hop genre, releasing on platforms such as Bandcamp & Soundcloud to develop a following within the underground lofi scene and the Instagram beat scene. Mayaewk has since gone on to build a loyal following and has released several EP’s & albums on both cassette & vinyl.

Mayaewk’s forthcoming release The Village is an 8 track EP of playful lofi instrumentals which have been created entirely on his weapons of choice, the SP404& the MPC2000XL. Through his careful selection of samples, Mayaewk uses creativeproduction techniques to tell stories within his music and capture the raw nature of lofi production.