Kannibal – Drugs (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Phencyclidine (PCP)
  2. Mephedrone (Bath Salts)
  3. Methamphetamine
  4. Salvia
  5. Benzodiazepine
  6. Ketamine
  7. Desomorphine (Krokodil)
  8. Fentanyl
  9. Rohypnol


A collection of hip-hop beats for artists to use as they wish. And although each beat here can be downloaded as a singular file through Bandcamp, you can also find packages which contain the full tracked-out WAV files here if you’re looking for some extra mixing malleability:

I should also note that although all the instrumentals here do contain currently uncleared samples, the samples come from rather obscure corners of the internet that I’d be quite surprised by if many people ever recognize from where. (And all sample source info can be found in the track-out package for each beat)

Although this project will always be available for free, my strategy in the past for releasing beats has generally been to ask $14.99 for a lease to use an instrumental; however, for this project, I’m just asking that you pay what you feel the beats are worth to you. Whether that’s more or less I just ask that you factor in how many beats you might be using from this project and how ambitious of a project you plan on using the beats for.
Maybe you’re just downloading the beats for listening purposes and just want to donate a couple dollars, or maybe you plan on using every instrumental and feel $125 is fair. Or maybe money is tight and you just can’t pay anything now but still dig the music. Whatever it is, I’m interested to see how successful this alternate route of releasing music will be and really just hope I get enough support to release some more.