Hipstrumentals.net – Best of January 2020 (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Silver Surfer (Prod. By Tribe Vega$)
  2. Mamba (Prod. By Dee Aye & Nofuk)
  3. Cream (Prod. By DJTRW)
  4. COUPE (Prod. By James Gold)
  5. Beater (Prod. By killagr1ff)
  6. Graveyard (Prod. By MT6Monsta)
  7. Bali (Prod. By Krush Kaprice)
  8. Legends (Prod. By Grim Delarosa)
  9. Infinity (Prod. By AkZeNT)
  10. Forever (Prod. By Thunder Beatz)
  11. Nosey (Prod. By Dee Aye)
  12. Life after Death (Prod. By Tribe Vega$)
  13. KILLA (Prod. By James Gold)
  14. California (Prod. By Grim Delarosa)
  15. Escape (Prod. By Krush Kaprice)
  16. Strain (Prod. By AkZeNT)
  17. 57 (Prod. By killagr1ff)
  18. War (Prod. By MT6Monsta)
  19. Big Dwag (Prod. By Dj Clash)
  20. All I Ever Wanted (Prod. By Jaron Higgins)
  21. 3020 (Prod. By Ouro Beatz)
  22. CUPID (Prod. By Mic Relik)
  23. Chopped (Prod. By Ouro Beatz)
  24. Pain (Prod. By rabeatz)
  25. No Hook (Prod. By mnmgotbeats)
  26. Spicy (Prod. By Dj Clash)
  27. Lex Luger (Prod. By Young Rebel)
  28. Contra (Prod. By Mr. Mique 808)
  29. Zoning Out (Prod. By Yamil167)
  30. GONE (Prod. By Cosxy Beats)
  31. Hidden Rain (Prod. By DevlonBeats)
  32. All Alone (Prod. By Scarlito On Track)
  33. FBI (Prod. By Munioh BON)
  34. FOREVER IN MY MIND (Prod. By Zazul)
  35. Boss Moves (Prod. By Jermaine Hendrix)
  36. Banana (Prod. By Tristan Clark)
  37. TRAPSOUL (Prod. By Daniel Goncalves)
  38. Wrong (Prod. By Master Sos-B)
  39. Imminence (Prod. By Homiebeat)
  40. Let Me Love (Prod. By Desygner)


These are SOME of the best and most popular beats from Hipstrumentals.net for the month of January 2020 that were available for download. Please rate, comment and share. Follow @Hipstrumentals on twitter for more updates.

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