DOPEBWOI – DB 21 Day Lockdown: Beat Tape (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Zero One
  2. Zero Two
  3. Zero Three
  4. Zero Four
  5. Zero Five
  6. Zero Six
  7. Zero Seven
  8. Zero Eight
  9. Zero Nine
  10. Zero Ten
  11. Zero Eleven
  12. Zero Twelve
  13. Zero Thirteen
  14. Zero Fourteen
  15. Zero Fifteen
  16. Zero Sixteen
  17. Zero Seventeen
  18. Zero Eighteen
  19. Zero Nineteen
  20. Zero Twenty
  21. Zero Twenty One
  22. Outro


#DB21DAYLOCKDOWNBEATTAPE started as a daily challenge for my own personal growth (practice) and became so much more with the number of people who started engaging. This Tape consists of beats for each and every mood and zero samples where used. It’s free for downloads but ofcourse Terms and conditions apply. Request Licensing for clarity.