D-PHONIX – Dusty Caesar (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Gotcha Open
  2. Dusty Caesar
  3. The Outfield
  4. Unplugged
  5. Spoils
  6. Good Student
  7. Wayback
  8. Tropical Drop
  9. Toy Symphony


Armed with fat stacks of wax, a love of the golden era and a budgie named John West D-PHONIX has chopped and looped like a madman to bring you his debut Hip-Hop instrumental release. Using an AKAI MPC 2000XL and later AKAI MPC Studio as his weapons of choice to get busy. This beat tape has been put together over the course of the last two years out of his Australian based home studio. It is heavily sample based but also features some mad funky vintage analogue gear along the way.

All proceeds raised for the initial month of release will be donated by myself to WIRES-Emergency Fund for Wildlife to support the ongoing Australian bushfire crisis.

WIRES Wildlife Rescue