Choicevaughan – DOLO (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Kentycky Gold
  2. To Live & Die In AD
  3. Beyond
  4. End of the Week
  5. Music & Streetfighter
  6. Dead Air
  7. You Remind Me of my BMX
  8. Reality Cheque Bounce
  9. Opening Theme
  10. Streetfighter II
  11. Streetfighter III – New Generation
  12. Moron
  13. Mahi
  14. Lights Off
  15. Kai Tangata
  16. OG F(r)iends
  17. Snowman
  18. Antipoodeez (Bonus)


DOLO is a collection of ~18 instrumentals that were created during the DEUCE sessions.

It’s got the instrumental versions of the 6 beats that made the final DEUCE project. It’s also got a bunch of other beats, demos and sample flips that were sent back and forth, written to, but ultimately passed on. Some are full songs, others are quick loops and sketches. Some might sound familiar. Some are the same sample remixed and flipped 4 different ways (the Streetfighter series). Some have hidden beats at the end. Some are still in their original form from 2014. Others I went back and re-worked last week just because.

All of them were just clogging up my hard drive.

The raps that Tom wrote to some of these demos were insane. I might be the only one to ever hear them. At least you get to hear the beats. DOLO