Blakesmith – Thank You For Your Time Mr. Introvert (Instrumental Mixtape)

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  1. Classified (Intro)
  2. Jumpin
  3. Chan (Hong Kong Money)
  4. Evil Luigi
  5. Mr. Introvert
  6. Mega Man
  7. Tears & Success


I am a lone wolf. An Introvert. A Shut-in.
At this point, everybody knows that. But it doesn’t mean I don’t follow you, I don’t have feelings for you, I don’t have time for you.
It just mean I like being with myself. Be at home.
The couch. The bed. The Studio. My People put me at ease.

From there I look around, check those internet status, posts, videos, trends from you and put my ideas out.

This time it’s TRAP. My TRAP. And I thank you for that.


This album is a FREE “NAME YOUR PRICE” Album composed, Mixed & Mastered (Kinda) by BLAKE. (Me) in my humble room. Just like yours.

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