2K20FRESH – DAWN (Beat Tape) (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. If You Knew
  2. Motives & Thoughts
  3. Bzerkkk
  4. Growth Station
  5. 60s Rolling (Summore Version)
  6. Eddy’s Skit
  7. Mistery Unraveled
  8. Birds Chirping
  9. Blue Pill
  10. Comme Down (Interlude)
  11. Dreams Money Can’t Buy
  12. Different Eyes
  13. Switch It Up


2K20Fresh is a African Music producer based in Mozambique previously known as Fresh boy. After a 10 year hiatus from the game he decided to reinvent himself and the result of this process is this 13 track instrumental beat tape that has new material and sounds largely composed during the Pandemic and lockdown stage of the world but it also includes previous and early projects that were in the making during the past years. The beat tape starts of with a dedication to fellow friends and collaborators that started this journey with 2K20 and it follows with the adaptation of the famous Miss Lauryn Hill recited poem (Motives & thoughts) during one of Def comedy Jam sessions , the album flows with great ease and has a surprise guest on the only song towards the end of the tape…