Southpaw Swade – SwadeOnTheTrack: A Beat Tape (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Casa De Negro
  2. Me Lord
  3. DinnerFuhTwo
  4. Dion’s Interlude
  5. Princess Peach’s Castle In West Orlando
  6. Old National
  7. Great Scott
  8. Rag Top
  9. Swadetranada
  10. Amos’ Interlude
  11. Nine Lives


Typically known for writing rhymes Chicago based artist Southpaw Swade puts the pen down…mostly. To showcase his skill behind the boards. Having been a producer just as long as he’s been an artist Swade shows quite a bit of the sonic range he’s developed over the years. Drawing inspiration from hip hop legends like madlib, and southern super producers like DJ Toomp, to his contemporaries like Thelonious Martin and fellow Pelham and Junior Composer Pat Junior. This beat tape has something for anyone who enjoys hiphop music.