Shogonodo – FLOWERS IN THE TRAP (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Startup
  2. Modjo
  3. Focus
  4. Whatever
  5. Tarde Da Noite
  6. Seu Oihar
  7. Look At U
  8. Summer Feelings
  9. Shogonodo & TSU – I can’t, I can’t
  10. Underwater


Here’s « Flower in the Trap » , Shogonodo’s brand-new LP project, and it’s just blooming on Orikami Records. With its oxymoronic form which says everything in one time, its trap music bumps and kicks you off truly but then, sweet melodies are joining the party, just like new born flowers. And it all makes sense, in a rarely-heard way. Special features: TSUN from South Korea bringing her lovely voice to one track but also multiple cameos and other winks made to famous tunes & sound effects, the same ones which inspired many of this new producers’ generation. What an awesome legacy! So, are you willing to pick up this new floral and powerful release? Exclusively on Orikami Records.