Cold Lunch – Cold Lunch (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Fever Dreams
  2. Falsetto Step Team
  3. Kneeverland
  4. Rollin Down The Street To Get My Groceries
  5. Smarty (Sorry Biz)
  6. Nelson’s
  7. French Inhale
  8. Creamy
  9. Stakeout
  10. Dreamy
  11. Woozy
  12. I Hate This Stupid City Because It Sucks Like Hell
  13. End Credits From Jo Lifestyle


This is really just the sound of me learning how to use a sampler. A collection of sketches, loops and more fleshed out ideas created over the last two years. Some stuff is more realized than other stuff, but it all works in one way or another.

Available in an ultra limited run of 50 hand numbered/hand assembled cassettes. For one of those, email Or just download it and dub it to a C-60 of your choice. This is meant to be played on your Walkman, boombox or in your old ass car while going through the Taco Bell drive thru at like 1 AM.
released January 1, 2018

I did almost everything on here. All samples sourced from physical media into an SP 202/303/404. Most of the samples on here are from records and cassettes that cost $2 or less. Minimal keys were played by me on a Nord Electro 2.

Muted horn on “Stakeout” was played by Glenn McCormick in my car. Homedude is so good he makes me wanna quit.

Tim Baltes mixed and mastered this and he’s one hell of a dudemin for doing so.

Cody Beckius helped my inept ass with the j-card, also does a mean impression of Sinatra asking Nancy “where are the horns??”.

Peace to K (“why don’t you call it Cold Lunch”, thanks b), Tim Baltes (better than you at most things), Cody Beckius (looks like it’s back to jail for me), Harris P Andrews (quit playin, we all know you’re Clutchy), Tabman (music ain’t enough, I gotta steal track titles too apparently) Ken & Mike at Acme Records, Luke and Terry at Bullseye Records (a good chunk of my record collection has come from these two places), Rich Menning (“sharp little guy you’ve got workin there, what’s his name again, Khalil?”) Q The Sun (the best inspiration), Keith Brammer (forever showing me awesome music and snacks) Al, Brandon, Chris & Rory at Ruby Yacht Makers Guild (the most underrated label), Bert, Brian, Ken, Ryan & everyone at Music Go Round Greenfield (almost every piece of gear used on here came from there), Shaun, Ben & Graham (he is very rich, which is what happens when you own a lot of money) Mehan and Johann (shoutout wifi two hans) Dan Agacki, Martin Defatte & everyone who’s helped me out in the last two years.

Love to Willy forever. Thanks for listening