MarleyThaHitMaker – 3rdeye (BeatTape) (Instrumental Mixtape)DUTCH HOFFA – Freshsince88 (Instrumental Mixtape)Slim Chance – Care Package 3 (Instrumental Mixtape)Mr Woovie – Drill Time Instrumentals (Instrumental Mixtape)Just Mitchell – Snacks (The Beat Tape) (Instrumental Mixtape)HussleBeats – Time Is Money (Instrumental Mixtape)Kidd Adamz – Move The Bvss (Instrumental Mixtape)STLNDRMS – ODYSSEY OF THE MIND (Instrumental Mixtape)Snagg the Beat Mane – Cuban Linkz (Instrumental Mixtape)que c – SP-808 (Soul Music- Vol. 2) (Instrumental Mixtape)
MarleyThaHitMaker – 3rdeye (BeatTape) (Instrumental Mixtape)
DUTCH HOFFA – Freshsince88 (Instrumental Mixtape)
Slim Chance – Care Package 3 (Instrumental Mixtape)
Mr Woovie – Drill Time Instrumentals (Instrumental Mixtape)
Just Mitchell – Snacks (The Beat Tape) (Instrumental Mixtape)
HussleBeats – Time Is Money (Instrumental Mixtape)
Kidd Adamz – Move The Bvss (Instrumental Mixtape)
STLNDRMS – ODYSSEY OF THE MIND (Instrumental Mixtape)
Snagg the Beat Mane – Cuban Linkz (Instrumental Mixtape)
que c – SP-808 (Soul Music- Vol. 2) (Instrumental Mixtape)

OXO – Heart$: Beat Tape (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. I Really Want You
  2. EVOL
  3. Family&US
  4. I’ll Miss U
  5. Recognize


  • Sabi feat. Wale – Where They Do That At

  • Mary J Blige – Why/Why (MMG Remix)
    Big Boi – Gossip
    Chris Brown – Oh Yeah/Get Down

  • wiz khalifa visions

  • Maria

    wht up my nigga nicki minaj tht bad bitch fuck with her

  • Quanofficial

    Best beats on hipstrumentals I won’t lie

    • That Fart You Cupped & Smelled

      Where else is a good place to find beats?

      • Quanofficial

        They put up the best beats of the month so that’s also a way to find some good beats


    how can i get in contact with you oxo

  • moyo

    Hi I need to contact you to buy one of the beats, how do I go about this