Kit Complete – Junk (Instrumental Mixtape)D-Low Beats – Beat Tape Vol. 6 (Instrumental Mixtape)Sean Teej – Pixel Paints & 808’s (Instrumental Mixtape)DJ Chase – Dj Chase Got Beats Vol. 1 (Instrumental Mixtape)The N.E.W.S. – Muse (Instrumental Mixtape)Wulf Banquet – Acceptance: Instrumentals (Instrumental Mixtape)Crowley – Demo Tape: Volume 1 (Instrumental Mixtape)DJ DVNTE – Paradise (Instrumental Mixtape)IAN – Instrumentals Session Part 1 (Instrumental Mixtape)Birocratic – bumps (Instrumental Mixtape)
Kit Complete – Junk (Instrumental Mixtape)
D-Low Beats – Beat Tape Vol. 6 (Instrumental Mixtape)
Sean Teej – Pixel Paints & 808’s (Instrumental Mixtape)
DJ Chase – Dj Chase Got Beats Vol. 1 (Instrumental Mixtape)
The N.E.W.S. – Muse (Instrumental Mixtape)
Wulf Banquet – Acceptance: Instrumentals (Instrumental Mixtape)
Crowley – Demo Tape: Volume 1 (Instrumental Mixtape)
DJ DVNTE – Paradise (Instrumental Mixtape)
IAN – Instrumentals Session Part 1 (Instrumental Mixtape)
Birocratic – bumps (Instrumental Mixtape)

HashFinger – OVER AND OUT (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. OVER – A
  2. OVER – B
  3. OVER – C
  4. OVER – D
  5. OUT – A
  6. OUT – B
  7. OUT – C
  8. OUT – D


A free digital release from HashFinger in the run up to his new vinyl releases coming later in the year…

Over and Out is a dark synth and bass heavy drop featuring 8 tracks of raw gritty beats that were lost in 2015 on a laptop that was stolen from HashFingers house.

Look out for more full length regular releases coming soon!

  • Aquaman

    I love the “magic” beat but I really want it to have the hook please

  • Malcolm Sigers

    This Magic instrumental is awesome