Mike Mo Beats – lo-fi (Instrumental Mixtape)Marc’krs Voyce – MAd Mrkrs:The Beat-Tape (Instrumental Mixtape)The Taxidermist – Barrueco (Instrumental Mixtape)Mannee Beatz – Mannee Beatz (Instrumental Mixtape)Tribe Vegas – Type Beats (Instrumental Mixtape)S Jay & Jakebreh – The #califlorida Beat Tape Volume 3 (Instrumental Mixtape)Memory Cards – Slot 5 (Instrumental Mixtape)Mafia Muzik – Onlybuilt4nyc Vol. 2: Instrumentals (Instrumental Mixtape)Illicit Trade Coalition – Instrumentals Vol.3 (Instrumental Mixtape)The Stuyvesants – Remixes II (Instrumental Mixtape)
Mike Mo Beats – lo-fi (Instrumental Mixtape)
Marc’krs Voyce – MAd Mrkrs:The Beat-Tape (Instrumental Mixtape)
The Taxidermist – Barrueco (Instrumental Mixtape)
Mannee Beatz – Mannee Beatz (Instrumental Mixtape)
Tribe Vegas – Type Beats (Instrumental Mixtape)
S Jay & Jakebreh – The #califlorida Beat Tape Volume 3 (Instrumental Mixtape)
Memory Cards – Slot 5 (Instrumental Mixtape)
Mafia Muzik – Onlybuilt4nyc Vol. 2: Instrumentals (Instrumental Mixtape)
Illicit Trade Coalition – Instrumentals Vol.3 (Instrumental Mixtape)
The Stuyvesants – Remixes II (Instrumental Mixtape)

HiiiDro – Beat Tape Volume 2 : Tryna Control The Rage (Instrumental Mixtape)


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These are a few Snippets Of the Sounds Hiiidro is able to fuse in Music. Ranging From Trap all the way to Afro Pop. To want the full beat or more do DM on IG : Wandile_Trillest or email a Hiiidbeatz@gmail.com me so we can work on some deal. Big Thanks Hope you enjoy and are able to create !!!!

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