Mike Mo Beats – lo-fi (Instrumental Mixtape)Marc’krs Voyce – MAd Mrkrs:The Beat-Tape (Instrumental Mixtape)The Taxidermist – Barrueco (Instrumental Mixtape)Mannee Beatz – Mannee Beatz (Instrumental Mixtape)Tribe Vegas – Type Beats (Instrumental Mixtape)S Jay & Jakebreh – The #califlorida Beat Tape Volume 3 (Instrumental Mixtape)Memory Cards – Slot 5 (Instrumental Mixtape)Mafia Muzik – Onlybuilt4nyc Vol. 2: Instrumentals (Instrumental Mixtape)Illicit Trade Coalition – Instrumentals Vol.3 (Instrumental Mixtape)The Stuyvesants – Remixes II (Instrumental Mixtape)
Mike Mo Beats – lo-fi (Instrumental Mixtape)
Marc’krs Voyce – MAd Mrkrs:The Beat-Tape (Instrumental Mixtape)
The Taxidermist – Barrueco (Instrumental Mixtape)
Mannee Beatz – Mannee Beatz (Instrumental Mixtape)
Tribe Vegas – Type Beats (Instrumental Mixtape)
S Jay & Jakebreh – The #califlorida Beat Tape Volume 3 (Instrumental Mixtape)
Memory Cards – Slot 5 (Instrumental Mixtape)
Mafia Muzik – Onlybuilt4nyc Vol. 2: Instrumentals (Instrumental Mixtape)
Illicit Trade Coalition – Instrumentals Vol.3 (Instrumental Mixtape)
The Stuyvesants – Remixes II (Instrumental Mixtape)

George Beats – #EvolutionBeatTape (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Evol (The Unveiling)
  2. Black Light Speed
  3. Mission To Get Paid
  4. Find A Way
  5. Lucid Dreamer
  6. Too Much On My Mind
  7. Trappin’ Aint Dead


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  • Krewe Of ToppShelf

    why put a beat tape on the internet for download if artist can’t use the beats dumbass go to sound click wit this bullshit