The Arcitype – Evolution: The One Day Beat Tape (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Fly Pelican Fly
  2. Stampeding Elephants
  3. Soaring With Eagles
  4. Pink Flamingo
  5. Swimming With Sharks
  6. Knocking At Your Condor
  7. Salamandor Sauce
  8. Ox Da Bovine
  9. Cockatooya
  10. The Skeleton


This beat tape was made by The Arcitype in under 8 hours at a live in-store event at Annie Mulz’s Kyoto Jungle in Boston, MA on May 11, 2013.

It contains no samples. All parts were played and/or recorded and all the beats were conceptualized and created on the spot in the store.

This tape is brought to you by Annie Mulz, AR Classic Records and The Arcitype.

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