Mike Mo Beats – lo-fi (Instrumental Mixtape)Marc’krs Voyce – MAd Mrkrs:The Beat-Tape (Instrumental Mixtape)The Taxidermist – Barrueco (Instrumental Mixtape)Mannee Beatz – Mannee Beatz (Instrumental Mixtape)Tribe Vegas – Type Beats (Instrumental Mixtape)S Jay & Jakebreh – The #califlorida Beat Tape Volume 3 (Instrumental Mixtape)Memory Cards – Slot 5 (Instrumental Mixtape)Mafia Muzik – Onlybuilt4nyc Vol. 2: Instrumentals (Instrumental Mixtape)Illicit Trade Coalition – Instrumentals Vol.3 (Instrumental Mixtape)The Stuyvesants – Remixes II (Instrumental Mixtape)
Mike Mo Beats – lo-fi (Instrumental Mixtape)
Marc’krs Voyce – MAd Mrkrs:The Beat-Tape (Instrumental Mixtape)
The Taxidermist – Barrueco (Instrumental Mixtape)
Mannee Beatz – Mannee Beatz (Instrumental Mixtape)
Tribe Vegas – Type Beats (Instrumental Mixtape)
S Jay & Jakebreh – The #califlorida Beat Tape Volume 3 (Instrumental Mixtape)
Memory Cards – Slot 5 (Instrumental Mixtape)
Mafia Muzik – Onlybuilt4nyc Vol. 2: Instrumentals (Instrumental Mixtape)
Illicit Trade Coalition – Instrumentals Vol.3 (Instrumental Mixtape)
The Stuyvesants – Remixes II (Instrumental Mixtape)

J-Tempo – Diamond In The Rough 1 (The BeatTape) (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Matte Blck
  2. Life Is Ill
  3. Jungle
  4. Crwn Royal
  5. Havana Cabana
  6. Elements
  7. I Heard This In My Sleep
  8. All For You
  9. Like Sunshine on a Cloudy Day
  10. Morning Dew


Diamond In The Rough #DITR, is tape 1 of a 10 that I’m doing to showcase my sound in various genres. Each tape is going to be little different in feel, but all of them will have that produced J-Tempo sound.
Tape one will consist of high energy to more chill hip-hop vibe.