Vino Mira – Sampled Instrumentals, Vol. 01 (Instrumental Mixtape)Sxreammvker – SRY; Your bass DRIVES ME CRAZY (Lo-Fi hip hop beats) (Instrumental Mixtape)Parabellum Beats – 8-Ball: Beat Tape (Instrumental Mixtape)Frank Finesse – Thrill Ride: Instrumentals (Instrumental Mixtape)8ty – Sonic Poetry: The Beattape (Instrumental Mixtape)Lost Son – Flying Colors (Instrumental Mixtape)Def Street – Street Kings (Instrumental Mixtape)J Dilla – Bangin’ Like A Dilla (Instrumental Mixtape)Lewis M. – Sleeping Through Tomorrow (Instrumental Mixtape)Nuttkase – No Meestakes: EP (Instrumental Mixtape)
Vino Mira – Sampled Instrumentals, Vol. 01 (Instrumental Mixtape)
Sxreammvker – SRY; Your bass DRIVES ME CRAZY (Lo-Fi hip hop beats) (Instrumental Mixtape)
Parabellum Beats – 8-Ball: Beat Tape (Instrumental Mixtape)
Frank Finesse – Thrill Ride: Instrumentals (Instrumental Mixtape)
8ty – Sonic Poetry: The Beattape (Instrumental Mixtape)
Lost Son – Flying Colors (Instrumental Mixtape)
Def Street – Street Kings (Instrumental Mixtape)
J Dilla – Bangin’ Like A Dilla (Instrumental Mixtape)
Lewis M. – Sleeping Through Tomorrow (Instrumental Mixtape)
Nuttkase – No Meestakes: EP (Instrumental Mixtape)

Chefry Kitchen – Place Your Order 2 (the Beat Tape) (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Trophy
  2. High On The Moon
  3. 3 A Day
  4. Lord of Samples
  5. That Season
  6. Bad Nigga
  7. Stranger Things
  8. Trap Made A Million
  9. Dear Mama (Brendas Got A Baby)
  10. Real Jewelry Cost
  11. Slingshot Music
  12. Too Easy
  13. Canagar
  14. Adidas Jumpsuit
  15. Russian Cream Backwoods
  16. Bazzoka
  17. Egypt


Impromptu Beat mixtape from Super Producer, Chefry Kitchen . A gift from Chefry himself to every artist who wants to work with an established producer in the industry. Recent production placements from Chefry Kitchen includes (What I Gotta Do) on the highly critically acclaimed Step Brother’s 3 from Starlito & Don Trip as well as multiple placements on Starlito’s last 2 albums of 2017 (Hot Chicken & Starlito’s Way 4). He’s also produced for 2 Chains, Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, 8Ball & MJG, & Blac Youngsta just to name a few. As what’s next for Chefry Kitchen in 2018 an executive produced album from Don Trip as well as Chefry’s debut studio untitled album with a plethora of A name artist’s as well as some of his own artist’s. Until then BBBeatThoseDrums (Kitchen On Fire)!!!!!!!!!!