MajorWave – Old Beats (Instrumental Mixtape)The Legistes – Planet Beat Tape Vol.1 (Instrumental Mixtape)Sinner – Palm Trees Vol. 1 (Instrumental Mixtape)NOT-B – Beat Tape 2 (Instrumental Mixtape)Trev Gooch Beats – Comprehension (Instrumental Mixtape)Mr140 ( creepz beatz ) – 10 Ways To Kill (Instrumental Mixtape)Wulf Banquet – Illusions (Instrumental Mixtape)Wondrswhy – Static (beat Tape) (Instrumental Mixtape)Dj Chase – Dj Chase Got Beats Vol. 2 (the Beat Tape) (Instrumental Mixtape)CopHater420 – Instrumentals Vol. 2 (Instrumental Mixtape)
MajorWave – Old Beats (Instrumental Mixtape)
The Legistes – Planet Beat Tape Vol.1 (Instrumental Mixtape)
Sinner – Palm Trees Vol. 1 (Instrumental Mixtape)
NOT-B – Beat Tape 2 (Instrumental Mixtape)
Trev Gooch Beats – Comprehension (Instrumental Mixtape)
Mr140 ( creepz beatz ) – 10 Ways To Kill (Instrumental Mixtape)
Wulf Banquet – Illusions (Instrumental Mixtape)
Wondrswhy – Static (beat Tape) (Instrumental Mixtape)
Dj Chase – Dj Chase Got Beats Vol. 2 (the Beat Tape) (Instrumental Mixtape)
CopHater420 – Instrumentals Vol. 2 (Instrumental Mixtape)

DJ Nicar – Soul Purpose 2: Instrumental Album (Instrumental Mixtape)


  1. Give Me Your Love
  2. On My Way Without You
  3. Meth Addict
  4. Paperwork
  5. Twilight Zone
  6. The Empire
  7. Islands
  8. It’s All Good
  9. VA’s Very Own
  10. All I Ever Wanted pt. 2


Thank you for listening to Soul Purpose 2, a collection of my personal favorite soul beats that I created over the years. I’m genuinely a fan of every song I sample which creates a more meaningful piece of composition. I hope you enjoy the music and share with your loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again for listening.